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Summer 2021 at Regent's

Following the announcement from the Government on 22 February, that they will not make a decision on whether or not to reopen universities until 12 April, we have decided to continue to deliver all our classes online in the Summer Term 2021 (May 2021). 

We will be offering 2 fashion modules which will have a very strong London fashion focus and will include guest lectures by London fashion professionals. They will also include virtual tours of London venues, events and other London-specific activities, giving you the best possible London fashion experience that studying online can provide. The modules will be taught by academics who are London fashion industry experts. 

If you decide to come to London and study online from London, you are welcome to stay in our on-campus accommodation in our beautiful royal Regent’s Park right in the heart of central London.

You will also be welcome to come and use the studios, CAD and Mac Labs and other Fashion facilities on campus, government regulations permitting.

If you want to apply for our summer school and are currently studying at one of Regent’s partner institutions, please speak with your home university as they must nominate you first; following this our team will email you the appropriate online application link. To check if your university has a partnership with Regent’s please click here.

If you are free-mover applying independently, you can submit your application by clicking on the ‘apply now’ button in the below programmes.

6-Week Summer Programme

Apply now

Programme duration Monday 31 May - Friday 09 July 2021
Check-in date, if staying on-campus Sunday 30 May 2021
Induction TBC
Check out date Saturday 10 July 2021
Location Online
Modules and credits Up to two modules. Each module is worth 12 CATS, 6 ECTS, or 3 US credits


Choose one or two courses from the list below:

Fashion Level 5 (2nd Year)

  • FSH507 Fashion Styling
  • FSH505 Fashion PR

Please find the Fashion modules outlines here.



Fee per module: £1,600*
*Discounts are available for students applying from within our partnership network.


Regent’s University London offers limited availability in on-campus housing. When capacity is exceeded, students will be housed off-campus at applicable rates. The quoted prices are for the duration of the 6 weeks summer programme and include meal allowance of £90 per week. 

It is important to remember that if quarantine rules are still in place, you will need to find an alternative accommodation for the quarantine period.

For this reason, we would be happy to charge housing fees based on the number of weeks rather than a fixed amount for the full duration of the programme.

  • Single room on campus: £2,520*
  • Twin room on campus (sharing): £2040*
  • Triple room on campus (sharing): £1,950*

*Discounts are available for students applying from within our affiliate network.

If you are interested in this programme, please contact our Study Abroad team for more information at [email protected]. You can also call us on +44 (0) 20 7487 7727, should you have any questions.

12-Week Fashion Programme with Internship

This is a unique programme that is ideal for students interested in building global skills by putting academic coursework into practice in a professional work environment in the fashion industry. To find out more please download the Regent's Summer Fashion Programme with Internship, FAQ about the Internship and professional placement process, or contact our Study Abroad Team.

Programme duration Monday 31 May - Friday 20 August 2021
Location Online classes / In-person or virtual internship
Modules and credits

Fashion modules (Each fashion module is worth 12 CATS, 6 ECTS or 3 US credits):
FSH507 Fashion Styling
FSH505 Fashion PR

Professional placement module:
PLA501 Professional Placement (PLA501 module is worth 20 CATS, 10 ECTS or 5 US credits)

Please find the module outlines here.

Applications are now closed for this programme. If you are interested in attending during the summer 2022 term, please send an email to [email protected] and we will be able to give you more information.